Mundane Magic

Neurons take action strange when starved of oxygen. First, they start firing randomly. Then they begin to shut down. If they don’t receive precious oh-two soon, they learn to die.

This sequence is, naturally, an oversimplification. You’ll find counter examples in all places.

Even so, this sequence explains lots.

When certain parts from the brain (the temporal lobe and several others) start misfiring, you have a flood of memories. This can differ from an unusual montage of random events to full-blown hallucinations.

When the complete brain starts firing randomly, it really is a seizure. But when areas of it spark off for pointless, it could possibly create predictable effects. For example, within the occipital lobe, leading to seeing a spinning vortex of light. It’s dark about the edges, probably because peripheral vision shuts first.

Even your feeling of balance is capable of doing weird things. The misfires accompanied by a shutdown can cause the sense that each and every direction is the similar.

And when the left brain weakens first (or perhaps the right brain starts misfiring more intensely), you then receive an incredible a feeling of peace, knowledge and link to the universe. Even as your consciousness fades.

When conditions are right, you get a a feeling of floating, hallucinations, your lifestyle flashing before the eyes and the ‘light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel’ effect.

And that’s the plan: a plausible, mundane reason behind near death experiences.

Is this model accurate?

I have no idea.

It’s probably missing some details.

But, if it’s within the right direction, it explains one on the most spiritual experiences folk have without in the event that humans have souls. This works, even when we are only squishy meat computers.

Don’t think I’m carrying this out because I’m a cruel, mirthless stereotype of the rationalist. The moral is certainly not, having explained it, the feeling is meaningless.

No – the moral is the fact that our brains are incredible.

If you need to experience those effects, you don’t have to almost die on the surgeon’s table. The brain can produce any of those experiences anytime.

Sure, it requires lots of mind training to attain that point. And, yes, some are easier to achieve as opposed to others are.

But I’ve achieved many. I’ve had a number of out-of-body experiences, a lot of them accidental. There were when it felt like I floated about the room or across the street. I’ve spoken with dead people (and fictitious people).

And I’ve felt the sublime joy that comes from being attached to the universe.

You do not require a soul, spirit, aura or virtually any disembodied energy shadow to get this done. Your unconscious mind has incredible powers. As a child, you be able to suppress these experiences. It’s a component of growing up and seeing what’s real instead of what’s “just” in mind.

Things in mind still have value, though. Every invention once existed as simply a hallucination. Every metre of social progress used to be a dream.

Your choice in daily life is not between embracing religion and living a dull, materialistic existence. There is magic within the mundane and sorcery within the science. Even bound with the laws of physics, the universe is amazing.

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